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Xmas Eve

I’m sitting in the joint I’ve made my local here in Kamloops. I’ve had a few rough body days this week, but finally feeling pretty good this morning.

If you find yourself in Kamloops looking for an espresso joint worth spending time in, Caffe Motivo is the best I’ve found. It’s in the walkable part of Kamloops, has well-roasted and prepared espresso–even the macchiato–and really excellent food. Pretty vegetarian-friendly too. Based on the walls and the clientèle, it’s quite community-minded as well. The staff are friendly and chatty. It embodies so much of what I think is important to make community–it’s a really excellent “third space.”

I am starting to feel quite Christmassy this morning. I haven’t really objected to Christmas carols to this point, but, except when we hung the garland and played the Rocky Horror soundtrack, I haven’t really felt it. This morning I’m feeling it–the mountains don’t hurt. The view from the house almost makes up for the appalling public transit. I was very happy it was warm enough at -13C to walk this morning and eschew both transit and begging for a lift.

I’m far from most of my family and friends, but I’m feeling connected to you all nonetheless. I hope you have the best holiday you can and I hope to connect with you more actively again soon.


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  1. Heard them talking about the “third space” on CBC recently. I’m loving my Christmas cake. Mom would be so happy to know you’re keeping up the tradition. Sending love and hugs to you all.

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