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May 2020


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Small spaces must serve many roles.

Sumach Open!

What a joy! Small bits of wonder and delight. I’m sitting outside my favourite coffee shop wishing I could be inside chatting with my barista… Read More »Sumach Open!


Early in the pandemic, Morgan ordered a hammock and has spent a lot of time in it. This morning I’m enjoying the gentle rocking, cool… Read More »Hammock

Happy Hour

Hanging with Whitehorse on a Friday evening. So good. I am so jealous of them.


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Walking the neighborhood in these strange, stir-crazy times I discovered that some of the racket lately was clearly asshats driving in parks and spinning doughnuts.… Read More »Doughnuts


Cocktail ingredients chilling. Rich syrup, lime cordial and honey syrup. The first two are destined for classic daiquiris. Mmm.


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Thanks for making coffee Morgan.