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December 2022

No café

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No cafés open Christmas morning, but I found a moka pot and an egg cup. Allowed an approximation of the morning ritual. The view definitely… Read More »No café

Xmas Eve

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I’m sitting in the joint I’ve made my local here in Kamloops. I’ve had a few rough body days this week, but finally feeling pretty… Read More »Xmas Eve


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I’m in Kamloops visiting with my in-laws and still need to work for a couple days and like my morning routine. Google helped me find… Read More »Amplified


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I’ve been feeling frustrated with my studio for some time. Because I’m more performing artist than recording artist, I really wanted a space that would… Read More »Inspiration


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I’ve been determined to paint my room (and other parts of the house) for months now. I’m finally getting things in motion, but 5 hours… Read More »painting