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August 2020


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Liam turned 20 today and he went to Jumbo Empanada in Kensington Market to bring home his favourite food in the city. I made him… Read More »Pisco

Plus 4

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A late change to the road plan here on Shuter Street means that at Sumach we’re getting an extra 4 feet transferred from the road… Read More »Plus 4

A small coffee on a bench in front of a backhoe digging up a road


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I’ve been pretty frazzled by the ongoing road work by my house, but, compared to the naseau-inducing compactor that ran for ages yesterday afternoon making… Read More »Roads

Dirty Mansions

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Hanging with #corinraymond playing on the stereo in my backyard cocktail lounge. Missing @corinraymond and #rebeccacampbell and @collettesavard all my other live music friends so… Read More »Dirty Mansions

23 🍅

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Our ripe tomato meter hit 23 today. Many more to come we hope. They have been so good to eat. Many tomato sandwiches apart from… Read More »23 🍅


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Saw a couple of Red Admirals in the garden today, joined by a Monarch a few minutes later. We’ve also had a few visits from… Read More »Nymphalidae


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While I was making my cocktail glass hangers, I found time to make a frame for my bar mirror. Come over for a drink sometime.

More 🍅

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My plants are doing very well so far. I’m eating a lovely tomato sandwich as I post this.