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September 2020

Still at it

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We’re nearing the end, but the process of relocating a crosswalk takes much longer than I would have imagined.

Last race

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We managed to get a few sailing races in this year in spite of everything, but tonight was the last one. Sigh. Enjoying the view… Read More »Last race

Photo of many jars of pickles


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Most years at this time we make at least a half-bushelful of pickles. None of us are very satisfied with commercial pickles. Some of them… Read More »Pickles

beam us up

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We have had issues with a rotted sill plate at the side of our house. The time has come to tackle it. Glad to have… Read More »beam us up


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I’ve been either sick or overworked or both for weeks. It may be an illusion, but I feel pretty calm this morning and enjoying a… Read More »Pause

photo of new pavement and paint on Shuter Street


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pretty excited about the spiffy new road in front of my house.

on the road

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I wish. Just watching the road. It’s a break from just looking at things in my room. The ongoing road reconstruction on Shuter Street proceeds… Read More »on the road

on the water

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Back up to Palmer Rapids for the Labour Day weekend. Unfortunately, I fell sick on Saturday night, but Liam and my Dad (and everyone else)… Read More »on the water


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