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October 2019

Long week

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Every week is a long week. I have to figure out how to say no to some commitments. However, coffee at Aroma is decent and… Read More »Long week

Mediated Sky

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Running a little late for the boat this morning on the last day of haulout. A lovely view and momentary distraction peering up through the… Read More »Mediated Sky


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Really enjoying this wee book from the great crew at Spacing: 50 Objects that Define Toronto. So many delights, moments, and memories.

Sherry and soda

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A lovely combination of dry Sherry, lemon juice, syrup and soda from my current favorite cocktail book.

At least

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My life doesn’t really look like what I want, but the coffee at the corner is still excellent. Obay, Sumach Espresso, 2019 Oct 14, 10:30

Monday plans

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I do love the vibe at my local coffee shop. It’s a great community – the church of coffee.