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January 2020


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I’m re-reading Mary Oliver’s collection of essays entitled “Upstream” and found this question at the end of a lovely story about her dog Sammy who… Read More »Conundrum

Too much

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Enjoying a break and a sandwich at Aroma in the Eaton Centre. Too much volunteer work at Holy Trinity every damn week. Need to reign… Read More »Too much


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Early for the Sea Venturer meeting. Hanging out at the local to our Scout Hall — The Irv. Great folks and good food. Always worth… Read More »Irv


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I found this beautiful feather, I don’t know where, I don’t know when. I recently started wearing it on my hat where it has been… Read More »Feather

Better start

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Yesterday I was on the back foot all day, chasing one problem and appointment and phone call after another. Things mostly worked out and I… Read More »Better start

Back again

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Loved The Layrite Boys back in November and was glad to come see them again at the Cameron House. Such a great venue and great… Read More »Back again