This bird was a frequent seatmate at Steve-o-Renos when I went for a sandwich. I have not yet identified it.

Sour roast

The espresso option in the departures lounge at Halifax airport is one of those trendy blonde roasts that is offensively […]


I decided I wanted to watch the sunset last night. I wasn’t sure where best to do that since the […]


Coffeeology is the best espresso I’ve found in Halifax. A homey little place up Dresden Row. Nice balanced roast. Today […]


I visited Georges Island in Halifax harbour today. It is a fascinating piece of maritime war history, but the efforts […]

A quiet evening on the lake.


Visiting my daughter and working from Kingston for the day. Had an early drive and enjoying the quiet vibe of […]


On top of everything else, I broke a tooth yesterday. Yay!