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July 2020

Toronto skyline from a boat in the inner harbout

Clean boat

Scrubbed the decks and cabin, bent the sail. A lovely afternoon on the island with people I don’t live with. Woot!


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I’m enjoying watching the young boys playing at Corktown Common right now. I’m also enjoying seeing the rabbits come out when the boys run off.… Read More »Play


The shady back patio at The Cannonball is one of my favourite lunch spots. The food is very good here and the patio is usually… Read More »Cool


Just squirt a little in.

100m diet

First tomatoes from my garden. Mmm.


Enjoying my garden cocktail bar quite a bit.

Almost there

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My back garden bar is nearly done. The sink is in. The inside is stained. The MaxCold cooler is coming. The mixing equipment is drifting… Read More »Almost there

Secret patio

My new regular morning stop I’ve decided. I’ve always really liked this place though the coffee is not as good as Sumach Espresso, the food… Read More »Secret patio