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Dear Circles & Squares

I really want to like you. You used to bake in my neighbourhood of Corktown. I hear you do great stuff in your own shop, but I am beyond tired of the mediocre over-sugared stuff you send out to cafés across town. 

Occasionally you put out a savoury item that is better than meh like your recent spinach and feta swirl. But when you do, you always drop it a few weeks later and we’re back to the same old sugary crap. Your scones are often dry and not particularly flavourful. Your carrot cake is a sugar nightmare — I can’t even eat two bites. I look in the case at almost any cafe across town and I see your stuff all covered with sugar. Though I will give you credit for backing off the powdered sugar on your almond croissants, they used to be impossible to even look at without getting sugar all over you. 

It often seems that you take a normal recipe and then up the sugar by 25-50%. I guess someone might like this stuff, but I haven’t met many. I think the fact that it’s the only thing on offer when you’re hungry goes a long way to moving it. Right now I’m eating a blueberry muffin that I think is too sweet because I needed something and the sun dried tomato thing you were supposed to deliver never came. 

It seems that you’re the only folks who mostly reliably deliver across the city. I’ll give you that, but for the love of god could you ease off the sugar and make some decent savoury items that don’t disappear after a few weeks?

I find myself wishing you had a serious competitor, not because I want you to suffer or go away, but to make you up your game.