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Morgan has made most of our suppers since the beginning of the pandemic. It has mostly worked well as Morgan likes to cook and likes… Read More »Apéritif


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Liam turned 20 today and he went to Jumbo Empanada in Kensington Market to bring home his favourite food in the city. I made him… Read More »Pisco

23 🍅

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Our ripe tomato meter hit 23 today. Many more to come we hope. They have been so good to eat. Many tomato sandwiches apart from… Read More »23 🍅

More 🍅

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My plants are doing very well so far. I’m eating a lovely tomato sandwich as I post this.


The shady back patio at The Cannonball is one of my favourite lunch spots. The food is very good here and the patio is usually… Read More »Cool

Napa Madonna

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Living our best lives. Home from the market with plans for quarantine kim chi.