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We’ve cruises into Oakville and it’s a little bit of memory lane. I haven’t spent much time here since I last lived here in the 90s.

Walked up Kerr street to look at our old apartments and a few haunts—almost all gone. Didn’t really have time to check in with old friends but now want to do that soon.

Espresso wasn’t really a thing in Ontario in the 90s. I feel lucky that that has changed. Espresso has become one of the few reliable joys in my life over the last few years and hunting for a good café when I travel is a small delight even when I am disappointed in the coffee. it’s fun to hunt and to talk to proud proprietors.

Today I had a number of choices, but in opposite directions. I opted to go up Kerr since it has find memories and opened earlier so I wouldn’t have to hover out front.

Unique in my experience so far, they offer three roast choices for espresso! I have only once before been offered even one additional choice at a café in Thunder Bay.

The light roast is probably popular but I don’t really go for that sour shit. I tried the medium and the dark as macchiatos (of course). I prefer the medium. It had a nice tone of chocolate and dark cherries. The dark had a little more chocolate and smoke.

The croissant was good, made better by being fresh from the oven. They don’t make them there, but they do bake them.

The owner roasts the coffee on site. He takes such clear joy in coffee and in being a host, it is a delight to see. The last time I saw someone care this much (other than my local café owner) was in Halifax last October.

I won’t be coming back all the way from Toronto, but I’m so glad this neighborhood has su chi a great café. Good cafés are such an important part of making a happy, walkable neighborhood. As I look around and consider moving to a new neighborhood it is nice to believe that I will find a walkable, homey place somewhere and that I won’t have to get in a car to do it.

Veteran Central, 310 Kerr St, Oakville


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