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Autumn has always been my favourite season. Apart from anything else, it’s a lovely word–looks and sounds beautiful. The cooler weather makes sleeping more more comfortable and the beauty in the trees and the chance to wear more of my wardrobe are all pluses for me.

I have certainly loved summer too with all its easy choices and late nights, but there is something special and exciting about the changes of seasons.

In this year of so many limitations and challenges I have become a little better at appreciating small things, so I was inordinately pleased when my local coffee shop started opening at 8am again. It means a more quiet and private start to my day away from my home and my family that I really appreciate and makes it pleasant to then return to somewhat refreshed.

I may need to switch to decaf though. The ongoing stress-response to these times (though in the background) seems to mean the caffeine hits me harder and faster–though maybe i’m just a caffeine-lightweight.

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