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Coffee finished.

I’m feeling pretty done as well. Tired. Uninspired. Lacking desire. Would like to feel a world of possibility again. Tired of feeling responsible for too much.

We’re almost all feeling overwhelmed by climate crisis political nonsense, economic uncertainty, housing problems, the list is seemingly endless. Like some, I’m also feeling responsible for turning the tide, for offering leadership, for lifting and supporting others in not feeling overwhelmed, for showing others what is possible. It’s hard when I can’t do it for myself most days. I even know how to do it for others, I have done and will do it again. I am hoping to do it this Sunday, but I don’t know how to do it for myself. And the fact of what I have agreed to do on Sunday becomes one more task to accomplish.

The kind of partnership of mutual chemistry, desire, action, retreat and support seems eternally out of reach. I’m sure it is for everyone, I’m not special, but I’m feeling it acutely these last few years.


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