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I’ve been determined to paint my room (and other parts of the house) for months now. I’m finally getting things in motion, but 5 hours in, I am now remembering what a stupendous amount of work preparing to paint is:

  • agonise over colour and paint choices (I’ve done this for months)
  • buy paint and supplies
  • move the furniture
  • patch cracks and holes
  • scrape trim
  • smooth patches
  • wash walls and trim
  • rinse walls and trim (I’m being a bad boy and collapsing these two into one by not using TSP in the wash step)
  • mask/tarp everything
  • coat 1
  • trim coat 1
  • coat 2
  • trim coat 2
  • move everything back
  • repeat as needed for other spaces


Simple. 😉

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