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I’ve been feeling frustrated with my studio for some time. Because I’m more performing artist than recording artist, I really wanted a space that would both serve as a beautiful home for any live events I hold here or online, and inspire me to more original work.

I’ve made various small changes in my space over the years, including collecting photos of artists who have inspired me, but I never took the time to realize my vision for my space.

One advantage to taking a long time to get around to something is that there is lots of time to think and rethink what you want.

I’ve wanted to repaint and go red and gold in my room for at least 4 years—ever since I bought the futon/couch that sits in the window—but I lacked the courage to go for it. I worried that it might be too much. I know, you’re thinking that I’m not known for my restraint, but honestly I live with a bag of fears about how I will be perceived—just like everyone else.

With my family gone west ahead of me, I made time to do it. I tamped down my fears and decided to just go for it. It took far longer than I expected—it’s been a long time since I painted and I forgot how much work it is. I am so glad I did it. I am feeling excited and inspired by my space now and by hanging those photos in a more cohesive way. I really want to be in my studio now and create things. But not yet: my flight west leaves Tuesday morning.

Look for the return of Lifting Spirits early in the new year.

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  1. The room looks so wonderful and welcoming. Glad to see dad on your bulletin board not once … but twice.

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