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Birthday 56

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I’m in my local café enjoying the now traditional birthday gift of my in-laws: a credit at Sumach Espresso. They started doing this on my… Read More »Birthday 56


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We’ve cruises into Oakville and it’s a little bit of memory lane. I haven’t spent much time here since I last lived here in the… Read More »Oakville


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Coffeeology is the best espresso I’ve found in Halifax. A homey little place up Dresden Row. Nice balanced roast. Today is my last real day… Read More »reflecting


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On top of everything else, I broke a tooth yesterday. Yay!

Photo by Adam Rhodes on Unsplash


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A friend asked in a private group last week: This summer season, with its many challenges, has me thinking about resilience. What is it that… Read More »resilience

Time Travel

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My head has been all over the place because of my cancer diagnosis and treatment (some pandemic and other life challenges messing with me too).… Read More »Time Travel


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Morgan has made most of our suppers since the beginning of the pandemic. It has mostly worked well as Morgan likes to cook and likes… Read More »Apéritif