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making stuff

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I am returning to making solid objects. The world of tech has long since lost its shine, but so much of what we seem to… Read More »making stuff


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I’ve been feeling frustrated with my studio for some time. Because I’m more performing artist than recording artist, I really wanted a space that would… Read More »Inspiration


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Although the wind blows terribly here,the moonlight also leaksbetween the roof planksof this ruined house.

I need a hat

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Hi Gill, Your jukebox theme for this week made me immediately think of this song from Toronto’s very own Downchild Blues Band. Not sure if… Read More »I need a hat

Dirty Mansions

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Hanging with #corinraymond playing on the stereo in my backyard cocktail lounge. Missing @corinraymond and #rebeccacampbell and @collettesavard all my other live music friends so… Read More »Dirty Mansions

Almost there

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My back garden bar is nearly done. The sink is in. The inside is stained. The MaxCold cooler is coming. The mixing equipment is drifting… Read More »Almost there

Happy Hour

Hanging with Whitehorse on a Friday evening. So good. I am so jealous of them.


Starting to explore the follow-up to one of my favourite books. So far it has been just as awakening as it’s predecessor. Poetry has really… Read More »Sequel