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Unsolicited design

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I did a little unsolicited design work for one of my IT clients. I’m pleased, though I cheated by using as a starting point.

Penguin Alex

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She came all the way from Victoria packed flat in an envelope.

Check check check

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Test 2 of F’coffee. Kelly, Sumach Espresso, 2019 Jan 5, 11:31 Check, by Collette Savard and the Savants

A Canoe for my Daughter

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There is an ornament in my living room that visitors to our house notice right away. It rather dominates the room.

My daughter’s first canoe hangs over the couch.

I built that canoe for her in August and September of 2003. It is 10′ long and modelled on a very popular 15′ canoe by the world famous Chesnut Canoe Company called the Ranger. I called it a Junior Ranger. For months I had searched the Internet and asked friends about a canoe that might be suitable for my daughter. I found nothing. Five years earlier, I had built a Chestnut Ranger for myself with Peter Gould and Kim Pressnail through a Toronto School Board course. I have found it to be a versatile boat and it seemed like a great fit for a kid if only the size could be reduced.

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