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On Holiday. Finally.

My life has been complicated enough that just continuing to work seemed the simplest choice. That took its toll though, and I am glad to finally be taking some time off.

Our holiday really started midday yesterday when we got to Union Station with time on our hands and discovered that Collective Arts has a pop-up bar and shop in the station. They have some excellent non-alcoholic drinks now and have just started a frickin’ magazine! They really do catch my attention in a good way. It’s not often that I feel unambiguously good about a company.

We had a short but pleasant ride from Toronto Union to Cobourg on Via Rail to meet our friend Dave here in Cobourg where he had sailed in yesterday.

Downtown Cobourg is quite nice. I’ve never really spent much time here and the 401 gives you a bad impression of everywhere. Cars really do ruin everything even as they make some things easier.

We’re sailing out of here in a few hours. I’m really looking forward to it. Dave has really done a good job of reorganization on his boat and it’s much roomier now. I have hardly sailed this year and I really hope we get some good wind.

I’m always glad to find an espresso joint open when I’m in small towns. The owner/barista is not exactly chatty, but hey, it’s 7am on a holiday Monday. The espresso is a nice balanced roast and my macchiato was made, coincidentally, just the way they do at my local shop with a big pile of foam like a meringue. Mmm. I really feel like I’m on holiday now.

Human Bean Coffee House, 80 King Street West, Cobourg

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