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I know people think I live downtown, but I don’t really. I have clients downtown though and that’s where I am this morning. Enjoying Presse… Read More »Downtown

Island time

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I came over Saturday morning to work on the Sea Scouts’ boat Warington. I stayed for the new members party and am now enjoying the… Read More »Island time


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We’ve cruises into Oakville and it’s a little bit of memory lane. I haven’t spent much time here since I last lived here in the… Read More »Oakville

Elm Café

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Back in Kingston with Beth this week. Have been working regular hours but somewhere else, so it’s been a good break. It’s also been a… Read More »Elm Café

photo of a white, china, single espresso cup on the sidewalk in a ray of sunshine beside a construction cone.

sun seeking

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sometimes in this town you have to hunt around to find the sun between the buildings. On a day like today that is lovely (when… Read More »sun seeking

Secret patio

My new regular morning stop I’ve decided. I’ve always really liked this place though the coffee is not as good as Sumach Espresso, the food… Read More »Secret patio