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Went for a walk in Edward’s Gardens today. Just across from where I parked is this lovely statue entitled “Bull Elephant”. The tusks have been… Read More »Symbol


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A lovely little book of sketches by a neighbour and regular at my local. Thanks for sharing your work Deborah! Loyalty: The Dogs of Sumach… Read More »Loyalty

Unsolicited design

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I did a little unsolicited design work for one of my IT clients. I’m pleased, though I cheated by using as a starting point.

Taggers are thieves, not artists

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Some people like to imagine that taggers are artists or are somehow simply protesting “The Man”. Horseshit. I’ve made my share of art and been part of more than a few protests. Ai Weiwei may have defaced historic Chinese vases with paint, but they were his. He didn’t go to another artist’s studio and steal or vandalize their work.

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