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Homeopathic Lager

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I nearly pissed myself laughing. This is the label on our water bottle as we enjoy some actual local beers. Zoom in and enjoy…

Garden Lounge

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Feeling pretty at home and pleased with my little garden right now. So many thanks to Lynn Jondreville for his work years ago in building… Read More »Garden Lounge


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Morgan has made most of our suppers since the beginning of the pandemic. It has mostly worked well as Morgan likes to cook and likes… Read More »Apéritif


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Liam turned 20 today and he went to Jumbo Empanada in Kensington Market to bring home his favourite food in the city. I made him… Read More »Pisco


Enjoying my garden cocktail bar quite a bit.

Almost there

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My back garden bar is nearly done. The sink is in. The inside is stained. The MaxCold cooler is coming. The mixing equipment is drifting… Read More »Almost there

Garden party

You can have a garden party by yourself right? Aperol spritz and garden delight