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Turnaround day

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Been a challenging week so far both physically and work-wise. Glad to be downtown again at my King street clients. The problems are a little more straightforward here most days and there’s this pretty decent cafe, Presse, almost across the street.

The morning was a little more chaotic than I hoped, but I’m now in lunch across the street and hoping for a turnaround.

The cups are a very cute double-wall glass but seem fragile. They do keep the espresso hot though.

I could live without the Xmas music, but that’s just the way of it this time of year. I can always jam in some earbuds like the seeming majority these days. Since I get so sucked into my phone like everyone else there is little point in maintaining any pretence of righteousness about headphones.

And then a poem, “We give” by Kevin Goodman, courtesy of Pádraig Ó Tuama, and a full belly, courtesy of the Presse staff, and everything seems a little calmer, a little more manageable.

And now I really do need to get away from this Xmas music before I lose my newfound calm.