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Shave and a haircut

Back in August I had a pretty rotten time one day and had been becoming frustrated with my hair and so decided I’d make a radical change and kick my mood in the ass. I got a very short haircut and when the barber shaved the back of my neck with a straight razor, it was the most cared for I had felt in ages. It really did shift my mood. I felt attractive and desirable and cared for.

I’m not in such a bad shape as I was that day, but with such a short haircut I was overdue for at least a bit of a tidy up and neck shave. I had been thinking for ages about having a full shave, and Ashley’s skill in August gave me the confidence to go for it.

I booked a full shave and haircut for noon today. It was my first ever barber shave and I was blown away. I feel so clean and cared for that I practically floated out of the shop.

It was a wonderful process of face massage and hot towels. Relaxing while someone I hardly know holds a razor at my throat is next level. More hot towels, gel, massage, a touch up, cold towel and aftershave. A whole spa treatment packed into an unhurried hour. Swoon. Thanks Ashley.

I could get used to this. If only I could afford to do it more regularly. I will definitely do it again. What a spirit lifter.

1 thought on “Shave and a haircut”

  1. Hot towels with a razor to your throat and now I’ve a “Sweeney Todd” ear worm.

    You deserve to feel good

    Love, A.S.

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