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On the lake and at the cafe

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Last night I had my longest paddle of the season so far. It was good to be alone in my boat and out in the harbour without much traffic, though I think a kneeling thwart would be a good idea.

I miss the bush and wild rivers, but I do not miss the long drives to get there for too little time. I really appreciate that I can walk or ride my bike to the lake and then go for a paddle or a sail, add another coat of varnish to the bright work of my boats, and enjoy the sunset over the city with a drink in my hand.

Taking a little time over coffee this morning to flip through the latest Paddling Magazine. Thank you to Scott and the contributors and crew who make it happen. A lovely moment in a challenging week. And a little paddling porn never hurt anyone.

The little birds at Sumach Espresso are very bold. They would be a real nuisance if they weren’t so small and cute.

Easier to share with than the local raccoons.