on the road

I wish.

Just watching the road. It’s a break from just looking at things in my room. The ongoing road reconstruction on Shuter Street proceeds and more asphalt was the order of the day. Kinda fascinating. The dumptruck unloads into a machine that churns (and heats?) the asphalt and then throws it to the last machine which lays it out and does the initial compaction before the roller comes to finish the job.

In addition, I get to watch the stream of twits who come charging at high speed down the street, past pylons and road closed signs only to discover that the street really is closed and they have to turn around. Dolts.

I’ve been sick all week, and although I have tested negative for Covid-19, I’m not really feeling like going anywhere other than my own room is a responsible choice. I’ve been in this room except for one or two very brief walks a day and trips to the bathroom. Not imprisonment, but far from fun.

I don’t feel terrible, but not really well enough to play and sing, so I spend too much time working or watching dumb shit on the computer. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow.

At the same time I feel very fortunate that I have my family here to help me and I (probably) don’t have Covid-19. One friend is quite ill right now (and has been for a month–took two tests to get a positive result), and my youngest brother had it (and pneumonia) back in April.

Grateful. Uncertain. Tired. Lonely. Bored. Worried.

Just like everyone else.

Pouring the concrete roadbed a week or so back.