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Afternoon break for coffee and a sweet, though I really should have ordered tea so I could have called the post Morala-Tea. Exploring the area of Bank and First in Ottawa turned up 4 options. Two were chains and one was full. The fourth feels pleasantly homespun and like the other independent in the neighbourhood, seems to have its own roast: Happy Goat. Or maybe they just like them (there are goats around the place as well).

Not quite fitting in with the young, keen and very faithful young peacemakers group that Beth is staffing. It’s funny the biases that we aren’t aware of. Having listened to them talk fiercely about various kinds of inclusion over the last couple of days it was kinda disheartening to hear some snarky remarks about atheists after lunch today. Little did they know that they were in the presence of one.

Ah well, we all have our areas of ignorance. At least most of the time it is honest rather than wilful. It’s kinda funny how the issue of belonging and finding “your people” remains the fundamental question throughout our lives. Or at least mine. Unsure that I really have any anymore.

I’m really enjoying this espresso roast. It’s sitting very nicely on my tastebuds. Wish I was better at just being fully present to these small joys rather than fretting over all the failures of my life and our broader society. I’d really rather have a life of sex, dancing, conversation, boating and music. Instead I have computers, the struggle to belong, and too much administration.

Maybe I’ll have a second coffee.

Cafe Morala, Bank Street, Ottawa.

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