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Went out on the town last night. Multiple stops, multiple drinks and the Captain Marvell film. A late start, a productive hour and now coffee. Feeling pretty good in this moment.

Yesterday, International Women’s Day, didn’t go quite the way I expected. I had hoped and planned to deliver flowers to friends around town, but a series of client emergencies blew up my day. I did manage to send a few personal notes via text, Messenger and email, but not as many as I meant. I love you all and will try to keep this mindset for a few weeks at least.

The climate is going to hell, politicians with fortitude and integrity are thin on the ground, and the powers of corporate control grow with every day.

Our new mainsail arrived this week and spring is coming. The sun is shining today and there are many who care deeply and work hard. We may be a sinking ship, but we can still do our best with love as we go down.

All my relations.

Makenzie, Sumach Espresso, 2019 March 9, 12:37

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