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Getting there

A slower, rougher start today, but with an espresso at hand and a lovely quiet view, I’m getting there.

Sumach redbud

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I love this tree at my favourite coffee shop. Someone harmed it last year so it has a tape splint, but it carries on.


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My mind has been elsewhere muddling through my cancer diagnosis and general ennui about life, relationships, work, etc. I still manage to notice things and… Read More »Today


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Saw a couple of Red Admirals in the garden today, joined by a Monarch a few minutes later. We’ve also had a few visits from… Read More »Nymphalidae


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I really love these so-called African Daisies. I’m not really sure of their official Latin name, but I really think they are delightful in their… Read More »Daisies


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Lovely little flowers down on the rocks of the island. Must look them up. Battle Island, Lake Superior, 2019 Aug 6


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Headspace better today. Backyard irrigation timer works well and the hibiscus I was given by my grandparents is pretty happy.