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Time Travel

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My head has been all over the place because of my cancer diagnosis and treatment (some pandemic and other life challenges messing with me too).… Read More »Time Travel

Sumach Open!

What a joy! Small bits of wonder and delight. I’m sitting outside my favourite coffee shop wishing I could be inside chatting with my barista… Read More »Sumach Open!

Napa Madonna

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Living our best lives. Home from the market with plans for quarantine kim chi.


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Joined my wife for a manicure and decided to match my shirt.

myself drinking a macchiato


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Working early. Forgot my phone and the camera on laptop is clearly very basic. Sumach Espresso, 2019 Sep 5, 07:15


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Necromancer about town. That is indeed a wee skull atop his staff. I guess he’s the one responsible for the reanimated raccoon corpses.


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A lovely morning headed out of CPR slip onto the lake and onward to Rossport.


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What amazing chemistry Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell have. I would watch them for hours. Made me want to jump up on stage with them.… Read More »Stars


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My post Canada Day morning. Really don’t feel like working today. Would rather work on my house. Ah well, duty (and paying clients) calls. Obay,… Read More »Post