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Garden Lounge

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Feeling pretty at home and pleased with my little garden right now. So many thanks to Lynn Jondreville for his work years ago in building… Read More »Garden Lounge

Plant stand

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Sometimes you just have to get serious. Last year I had pretty good success growing tomatoes on my roof, but when the wind came up… Read More »Plant stand

Sumach redbud

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I love this tree at my favourite coffee shop. Someone harmed it last year so it has a tape splint, but it carries on.


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My mind has been elsewhere muddling through my cancer diagnosis and general ennui about life, relationships, work, etc. I still manage to notice things and… Read More »Today

23 🍅

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Our ripe tomato meter hit 23 today. Many more to come we hope. They have been so good to eat. Many tomato sandwiches apart from… Read More »23 🍅


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Saw a couple of Red Admirals in the garden today, joined by a Monarch a few minutes later. We’ve also had a few visits from… Read More »Nymphalidae

More 🍅

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My plants are doing very well so far. I’m eating a lovely tomato sandwich as I post this.

100m diet

First tomatoes from my garden. Mmm.


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I really love these so-called African Daisies. I’m not really sure of their official Latin name, but I really think they are delightful in their… Read More »Daisies