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Gateway to?

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I’m not special here. I think we’re all pretty worn down. The energy to to continue, to wait, to do what I can pretty much… Read More »Gateway to?

Secret patio

My new regular morning stop I’ve decided. I’ve always really liked this place though the coffee is not as good as Sumach Espresso, the food… Read More »Secret patio

PMH Atrium

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The place looks like shit from outside and it’s hard to find the door, but there’s a lovely multi-storey atrium in the centre.

Dominion Bank

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A door to multiple pasts waiting for someone and something new.


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Ran into some Vikings on the way home. They persuaded us to buy some beer. Norse Brewing, North of Parry Sound off Hwy 69, 2019… Read More »Beware


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The old church at Shawanaga F.N. is closed and kind of a ruin, but the peeling paint and missing door called to me across the… Read More »Past

New Moon

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Stumbled upon this engaging little bit of Ontario history as we stopped for breakfast in Massey this morning. We had pretty good crepes at the… Read More »New Moon