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S5, P14

5 days since Sumach Espresso closed completely, 14 days since the pandemic was declared. I’m starting to get into a better routine.

  • Up at 7:30
  • Out for a quick walk when I can be fairly sure not to meet anyone and easily avoid the few I do see
  • Check on Sumach for Greg and Mike
  • Have a little breakfast, usually baked oatmeal
  • Work on a crossword for a bit
  • 8:50 sit down at my desk and review the possible tasks and make a provisional plan
  • 9am start up the Sumach chat on Zoom so folks can jump in.
  • Read work email and revise plan and send replies.
  • Project work
  • Lunch
  • Work, but usually, by now, regularly interrupted by (mostly work) crises and distractions
  • Supper
  • Puzzle, watching a concert or show or playing a game

Still haven’t managed to get disciplined about exercise or playing music, both of which would make me feel better. Maybe today.


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